Rencontre avec : Jack Baldwin

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Jack Baldwin

Mischief Theatre is one of the most acclaimed names in British comedy. Their show The Play That Goes Wrong has been running in London since 2012 and their more recent one The Comedy About A Bank Robbery since 2016. This year they came back with an improv show, Mischief Movie Night, making them the only company with three shows running simultaneously in the West End. The casts for both shows are changing this year and we met one of the newcomers : Jack Baldwin, who played in The Play That Goes Wrong, and is making his debut in The Comedy About A Bank Robbery this week .

When stepping into a role that has been played before, do you try to recreate what the previous actor did or try to make up your own version?

A bit of both, I think all actors are individuals so there are some things that they can do that I couldn’t possibly hope to do, but equally there are some things I can do that they can’t. As long as you’re true to the character and the play itself I think we end up doing similars things.

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