Rencontre avec : Louis Maskell

Traduction française après la version originale

Louis Maskell © Dan Wooller

Louis Maskell, making his West End debut this year, is the rising star of the British stage. The 28 year old actor’s interpretation of Grinpayne in The Grinning Man has been praised by both critics and audiences.

You’ve played characters such as Tony in the UK tour of West Side Story, what are the differences between getting into a musical that everyone already knows and a completely new one like The Grinning Man ? Is it more stressful because it’s new or, on the contrary, more relaxed because you can make it your own ?

There’s a definite mix. I’d say that for me the stress and relaxation that come with putting on an original production are far more positive emotions than negative.

Les Misérables is the longest running musical in London and is famous across the world. The Grinning Man is another adaptation of a Victor Hugo’s novel, why does his work so well as stage productions according to you ?

Well, because the themes Victor Hugo writes about are quite theatrical. His books are epic in scale and sweeping in nature!

Why do you think puppetry is so popular on stage ? As an actor, what’s the most challenging part about playing and manipulating them ?

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The Grinning Man

Trafalgar Studios

Audrey Brisson (Dea) et Louis Maskell (Grinpayne) © Simon Annand

La nouvelle comédie musicale anglaise basée sur L’Homme Qui Rit de Victor Hugo, fait sensation dans le West End. Créée par Tom Morris et Carl Grose pour le Bristol Old Vic, la pièce raconte l’histoire de Grinpayne, un jeune homme qui va tenter de découvrir qui est l’auteur de la mutilation dont il a été victime dans son enfance, et qui a fait de lui une bête de foire défigurée. Après son succès à Bristol et des critiques très positives, la comédie musicale a obtenu un transfert aux Trafalgar Studios à Londres.

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