The Lost King

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The Lost King nous embarque avec lui dans une enquête ludique des plus réjouissantes, prétexte à un petit conte moral sur les faux-semblants. Si le film ne propose rien d’original en soi, chaque plan se voit savamment étudié pour devenir maillon rodé d’une mécanique jouissive de film policier mariée à la légèreté que la comédie sociale britannique sait imposer.

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Rencontre avec : Murray Gold

Traduction française après la version originale

Ben Whishaw (Norman Scott) et Hugh Grant (Jeremy Thorpe) dans la série A Very English Scandal ©BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Murray Gold is a 5 time BAFTA nominated British composer. He has worked on shows such as Vanity Fair, Casanova and Queer as Folk. He is mostly known for his work on Doctor Who since it was renewed in 2005 and he only recently announced that he would be stepping down as the composer of the show. He is already back with new music for A Very English Scandal, the new tv series, about Jeremy Thorpe’s trial, directed by Stephen Frears. The show was premiered in France at the festival Séries Series and we had the great pleasure of sitting down with Murray Gold.

You’ve worked on Doctor Who for thirteen years, how did you manage to keep it fresh and come up with new ideas?

I don’t know, it’s like when you wake up in the morning, you talk to your friends on the phone and you have new funny things to say. I get really excited just sitting down and writing music for a new episode. Every episode was done so fast that it didn’t get time to really get stale you know? Even if it was 13 years on the same show, each episode was so different and so quick that I just had a lot of fun writing all that music.

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